Happy Holidays!

We’d like to wish all our listeners happy holidays, no matter what you celebrate. Enjoy the celebrations (as unusual as they might be with social distancing), spend time with your loved ones (even if it’s just via video chat) and look forward to the next year – because the next episode from us won’t be out before 2021!

To give you at least a bit of info about it: After reviewing shorter publications, we’d like to step it up and make our next episode about a thicker book than before. Of course, that’ll take a bit more time if we want to make a meaningful review about it – hence the waiting time.

Bartington Halls: School for the Elite

Whisky & Wildcards
Whisky & Wildcards
Bartington Halls: School for the Elite

A posh private school, British banter and supernatural phenomena – are you in? Here comes our review of Bartington Halls: School for the Elite by Wild Eye Books! We might not be as rich as the pupils there, but at least we’re old enough to buy whisky. So of course, we’re also reviewing a Scotch with a similarly venerable history as that school.

00:00:33 Introduction
00:02:50 First impressions
00:03:47 Setting background
00:19:02 Setting rules and character creation
00:35:31 Adventure generator and other tools
00:39:41 Pre-generated characters
00:42:10 Encounters and NPCs
00:44:04 Adventure
00:53:49 Whisky review

Bartington Halls: School for the Elite is available on DriveThruRPG.

Winter Eternal: Rise of the Ghost Machines

Whisky & Wildcards
Whisky & Wildcards
Winter Eternal: Rise of the Ghost Machines

Here’s our review for the Rise of the Ghost Machines, the Jumpstart adventure for Winter Eternal by Just Insert Imagination. To keep us warm and cozy, we have a special edition of a Scotch with us this time.

00:00:33 General
00:04:00 Setting Description
00:08:11 Rules
00:13:13 Adventure
00:29:55 Bestiary
00:31:05 Adventure (continued)
00:34:18 Pre-gens
00:41:04 Whisky Review

Winter Eternal: Rise of the Ghost Machines is available on DriveThruRPG.

Citizens Divided

Whisky & Wildcards
Whisky & Wildcards
Citizens Divided

For our first episode, we review the cyberpunk setting Citizens Divided by Aegis Studios, written by Travis Legge. And a Scotch Whisky.

00:00:46 General
00:04:09 Setting fluff and background
00:21:10 Rules / Character Creation
00:22:13 Professional Edges
00:31:26 Hindrances
00:38:57 Edges
00:40:56 Setting Rule: Sheen
00:49:38 Gear
01:01:40 Archetypes and Adversaries
01:06:26 Adventures
01:09:50 Conclusion
01:13:25 Whisky Review

Let us know what you think!

Episode Comments

First Episode!

We published our first episode! I must admit, I’m pretty happy about how well that worked out. Now we’re waiting on feedback to see if that concept would actually take off. Time to gather some thoughts about it.

My initial impulse for taking part in such a project was when I noticed that many Savage Worlds products didn’t have a lot of reviews on DriveThruRPG, some didn’t even have a single one. I noticed that most (in-depth) reviews were apparently elsewhere, on blogs and other websites. So what I wanted to do at first was writing informative reviews for Savage Worlds stuff while shining as much spotlight on the products and creators as I could. Listening to the podcast, I don’t think we did much of a service to Travis Legge in terms of advertisement – but as long as we did a service to the listener with an honest review, I guess that’s fine. I hope we didn’t come across as mean, gloating or anything. At least, that was not our intention.

Regarding the length, I read that the “perfect” length of a podcast is supposed to be around 22 minutes. Considering that the best-produced podcasts I listen to clock in at 30-45 minutes while the RPG podcast I enjoy the most1 goes on for well over an hour, I thought we could safely ignore that 22 minutes mark. I couldn’t imagine how to comfortably fit a complete review in that timeframe anyway. So I aimed at around 45 minutes.

Boy, did we miss that mark once we got started.

I hope you can find the time to listen to nearly one and a half hours of both of us talking. If you found it to be too long, let us know, especially if you can tell us which part dragged on. Likewise, if you liked the length of it, please let us know so I don’t frantically try to change things that you actually liked.

I’ll be holding tight for feedback. Thanks for listening!

1 That would be System Mastery, by the way.