Heroes of Terra

Whisky & Wildcards
Whisky & Wildcards
Heroes of Terra

In the magical world of Terra, the ruthless dragon emperor has united the Kappa tribes and conquered the peaceful mandragora kingdom. Will you help the oppressed people against the occupying forces? Are you a wanderer, looking for the valuable storage blocks in old and new ruins? Are you actually considering siding with the emperor? Or do you just… want to go karting? We’ll check out the setting by Blackwing Productions and also review a bourbon that was mysteriously suggested to us.

00:00:34 General Information
00:01:21 Layout, Style and Artwork
00:04:25 Setting Background
00:09:10 Setting Rules
00:11:39 Clades
00:18:28 Hindrances
00:20:29 Edges
00:22:43 Arcane Backgrounds
00:27:46 Gear
00:35:36 NPCs
00:37:58 Storytelling Terra
00:41:40 Conclusion
00:43:24 Whiskey Review

Heroes of Terra: The Mushroom War is available on DriveThruRPG.