Stingers & Spores: The Leaping Jaws

Whisky & Wildcards
Whisky & Wildcards
Stingers & Spores: The Leaping Jaws

In the shade of giant mushrooms, under old logs and dense blades of grass lie the marvelous kingdoms of insects – the world of Stingers and Spores! We’ll check out the Jumpstart for this setting by Twitchy Butcher Studios and review a rather exotic whisky.

00:00:33 Introduction
00:03:04 Map
00:03:40 Character sheet
00:07:15 Looks and style
00:12:59 Setting background
00:26:16 Character creation
00:36:49 Edges
00:40:07 Arcane Backgrounds
00:49:50 Gear
00:55:04 Setting rules
00:59:13 Pre-Gens, allies and villains
01:06:51 Adventure
01:20:17 Conclusion
01:23:45 Whisky review

Stingers & Spores: The Leaping Jaws is available on DriveThruRPG.