Whisky & Wildcards
Whisky & Wildcards

Happy New Year! Here’s a little bonus episode I recorded to make the waiting for the next episode easier. It’s just me, Vasant, reviewing Manu’s Sprawlrunners – a toolkit for cyberpunk settings.

00:00:27 General info
00:01:09 Look and layout
00:02:28 Character creation
00:03:28 Setting rules
00:05:18 Hindrances and edges
00:05:51 Magic
00:08:11 Cyberspace and hacking
00:09:42 Jockeys
00:10:01 Equipment
00:12:15 Verdict

Sprawlrunners is available on DriveThruRPG, as well as the associated Sprawlrunners Countdown Deck and the rules for Fast Lane Hacking, should you need that separately.