Can I spend my Advance on “Podcasting” now?

Hey folks! Now that the next full episode is finally out, I’d like to get you informed on what’s going on behind the scenes at our podcast.

First of all, I know I wrote about how we’d like to review bigger publications. Now we reviewed another Jump Start, though. We actually fell so far behind with our progress that we feared a long review would postpone the next episode even more, so we threw in a shorter publication. Sorry for that. We still plan to review a full setting, though!

But as our process showed, we need to change our way of producing the podcast quite a bit. It took more than a month from starting to read it until the episode got out. The edited show about it is more than an hour – and that’s for a Jump Start. You can probably see that this doesn’t scale well if we carry on like this for settings with 200+ pages.

Don’t worry – we’re not going to script the whole episode and put some generic music under it while we’re reading our lines. But we’re planning to switch up our production process so we spend less time rambling and editing (so we can spend more time playing and drinking).

Until then, have fun with our new episode, let us know what you think about it or what you’d like to have reviewed – we love to hear from you!