Immortal: Gates of Pyre

Whisky & Wildcards
Whisky & Wildcards
Immortal: Gates of Pyre

Visit the Iron Republic of Jora with us and fight alien angels, explore ruins of incredibly advanced civilizations and meet forgotten terrors from other dimensions! Immortal: Gates of Pyre is a mini-setting by Donavon Bailey that brings the world of the strategy game with the same name to Savage Worlds. Together with the setting, we review a special edition of a scotch.

00:00:33 General Information
00:07:31 Layout, Style and Artwork
00:24:40 Setting Background
00:25:33 Setting Rules
00:33:50 Edges
00:25:53 Arcane Backgrounds
00:33:50 Gear
00:41:51 NPCs
00:44:23 Pre-Gens
00:55:00 Adventure
01:21:24 Conclusion and Outlook
01:27:58 Whisky Review

Immortal: Gates of Pyre is available for a price of your choice on DriveThruRPG. You can find out more about the game – which is still in development – at