Whisky & Wildcards
Whisky & Wildcards

We’re about to enter the wild world of the culinary fantasy setting Béchamel! Follow us into the castles of cuisineomancers, broccoli forests, rowdy inns and the lands of cheese-loving raiders. Lots of lore to ingest and taste, and then of course there’s a Scotch to review…

00:00:38 Overview
00:02:49 Style
00:04:56 Setting Background
00:18:59 Setting Rules
00:25:30 Geography
00:27:25 Character Creation
00:29:18 Hindrances
00:31:10 Edges
00:41:24 Arcane Backgrounds
00:54:38 Gear
01:03:30 GM Section
01:16:39 Conclusion
01:19:23 Whisky Review

Béchamel is available on DriveThruRPG as PDF.